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2015: Opposition Will No Longer Be Intimidated - Buhari

General Muhammadu Buhari has vowed that members of the opposition will no longer be intimidated by the Federal Government.

The retired general, who spoke at the national convention of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in Abuja yesterday, said gone were the days when the government would instigate crisis during an election to scare away members of the opposition.

From now on, he underlined, not only would votes be counted, the opposition will not allow the government to deceive Nigerians that it is not behind election crises it has created.
"We will no longer be intimidated", he stressed.

He pointed out that Nigeria is already drifting hopelessly and that anarchy is visible in some parts of the country, with the government unable to find any meaningful solution.

He drew attention to some areas of the nation he described as “virtual war zones” in a country supposedly at peace, with entire local governments in the North-East now no-go areas even to representatives of constituted authority.

"Marauders of every description armed to the teeth with all manner of sophisticated armaments roam the national landscape with total and murderous impunity,” he said.  “The patience of this nation and the various communities within it has been severely tried and stretched to its limits. And there is no end in sight.”

He regretted that anarchy is knocking on the door of many sections of this country while the Federal Government has not demonstrated it has the good sense to understand what is going let alone the competence to check it.

“The nation is hopelessly adrift,” General Buhari said.  "There is unprecedented fall in the nation's standard and an astronomical rise in the standard of dying."

Taunting President Goodluck Jonathan's Transformation Agenda, he observed that it has, within the space of three years, transformed the country into a veritable wilderness “Where verything that should work, doesn't; where everything that can get broken, has".